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Skin Care Manufacture your own brand

What is Botany's manufacturing capacity?

Botany Essentials has capacity to manufacture 40 tonnes of product per day and shipping twenty 40' containers per month.  We manufacture for a wide variety of clients small and large. Mass market and boutique. Botany Essentials is an experience global exporter with both ISO 9001 & ISO GMP22716 certification and EU compliance.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) varies depending on your brief and the product to be made. MOQ is strictly 1000 units per product kind . Customised and Certified organic MOQ is 1000KG batch size and formulation costs apply. Please telephone our office +61 3 9317 9088 to discuss once you have submitted your brief botanyadmin@ozemail.com.au 

Over 500 formulations are available for private label application.

Finished product: Visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12GmVTLjhxU to view the filling process. MOQ's start at 1000pcs per product kind (start up brands testing the market). Costs improve on orders of 5000+ and 20,000+ units per product kind. 

Filling styles : Tube filling and sealing (Foil/Laminate & Plastic), sachet filling foil and paper poly laminate, powders, granules, liquids, gels, foams, crèmes and oils.  Crimp sealing, screw cap, press cap, tubes, sachets, jars, bottles, bags, vials, cannisters and bulk drums.

Bulk supply (stock formulations unscented): Base product: 1Kg / 20Kg may be ordered directly off the website base product and packaging tab. 

Bulk product with your scent: MOQ 100Kg / 500Kg / 1000Kg please contact to discuss.

Contract ODM / OEM (your formula) MOQ 1000Kg

Where do I start if wanting private label manufacture?

STEP 1: A brief is required, outlining in detail the range and any specific ingredients you require. Identify each product type (shampoo, lotion etc), the scent, texture, function, packaging and packaging size. Include a photo of packaging where possible.  You MUST supply your full contact details and contact telephone number for us to promptly reply to your inquiry. Briefs are reviewed monthly, incomplete briefs cannot be assessed (therefore ensure ALL details are documented).

To produce a product range will require brand protection and the external services of graphic designers, printers, and packaging suppliers.

To protect your brand it is recommended that you seek advise from a trademark attorney and search http://ipaustralia.gov.au & http://pericles.ipaustralia.gov.au/atmoss/falcon.appliecation_start 

Graphic design is an external service to developing your brand's unique image and style. It is recommended that you obtain a copyright release from your graphic designer to ensure your Company owns the completed design.

Printing: labels in roll form, packaging screen printed or product supplied without labels is available.  Label form is most common.  MOQ's 1000+ labels is most cost effective per product kind. Smaller quantities of 500 labels can be printed.  Labels must be supplied in roll form to our specifications and require discussing prior to finalising printing. Printers familiar with our machinery specifications include www.graphixlabels.com.au and www.pemara.com.au 

Packaging from most suppliers is accepted and is subject to assessment for compatibility with our manufacturing lines. It must be free of dust, pests and residue. It is the clients responsibility to test the packaging compatibility with product ingredients to ensure material or other interactions do not occur. We accept glass, PET plastic, HDPE plastic, tubes, Aluminium packaging, bags and boxes etc. Packaging in Australia is limited, common suppliers such as http://synergypack.com.au  and http://impacttubes.com.au are available should you wish to support Australian manufacturers.  Botany Essentials carries extensive stock from both suppliers listed which is available for fast turnaround contract manufacture. Packaging compatibility with finished product is the buyers responsibility.

Lead times vary depending on the order size and availability of all components.  Printing, packaging (stock items) generally takes 14 to 21 days. In most circumstances dispatch is 14 to 45 days.  Notification of expected timeframes is confirmed at the time of firm order placement.  Where the client is supplying components, lead time commences from ALL components being available and delivered to Botany Essentials.

If you require Organic Certified (ACO) products, understand that these ingredients are up to 5 or 10 times the cost of other natural non certified ingredients. 

Do you intend to export?  This determines some ingredients markets accept and the documentation. Data can vary related to countries or regions . Please list all in your brief.  Note: Export documentation additional fees apply.

STEP 2: Once your brief is completed submit to botanyadmin@ozemail.com.au or call Botany Essentials to discuss +613 9317 9088. We work with you from this point to develop your brand. Should you require advice we offer assistance. Detailed questions cannot be timely answered via email, contacting via telephone is recommended.